Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Oh My Foodness!

Crazy dancing lady!

I've just been interrupted by my husband who came to check that I am ok. I'd been jumping up and down and doing the 'crazy' dance I do when I'm too excited to sit still. I generally start by flagellating my arms around for a while, whilst scrunching up my face in concentration - ending in a uncoordinated twirl of legs, arms and body. Think of the Skype dancing man - but horribly out of time. Although slightly bemused, my husband confirmed that I am indeed ok, just very, very excited.

Reason being? Well - you're reading it. Today, 21 February 2012, marks the launch of a project that I've been dreaming about for years. In retrospect, I'm not sure why I didn't start it sooner. It all seems so simple now, like something standing next to me - but just out of site in a blind spot. No matter - it's here now.

And here is OhMyFoodness.

For years, I've loved food. (I know that everyone 'loves' food, but I fall into the category of people who luuuurv food.) Ever since I was a little girl, tastes, textures, aromas and the sight of food has delighted me. From Garlic Snails eaten in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg to Cheese covered Curly Fries on Liberty Island, New York, my love affair with food has been like a best-buddy who has travelled with me for years.

I've been the butt of jokes as I try something new and audibly 'ooh,' 'mmmm,' and 'hmm mm mm' over a burst of flavour.  I'm not conscious of these sounds, but I am told that the they are there - often when there is a lull in conversation! But, as much as I may laugh at audibly showing my appreciation, there is a hint of seriousness behind it all - you see, I like that I get asked for restaurant recommendations and which EVOO to use. I like even more the feeling I get when I find a new food product that I just have to have at home or the office.

Oh My Foodness! That is Delicious!

So following the advice of many a magazine article on finding 'one's true passion' and turning the love of something into work, I am tackling this project in the best way I know how... one bite at a time. Over the next few months, I plan to scour out food that makes me go 'Oh my Foodness - that is Delicious!' I'll report back to you on where, when and how to eat it - and if it makes me smile - I'll show you how to get it too!

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  1. Yummmmmmmmm!

    Waiting eagerly for the second course!!!?